David R. Johnson, PhD
Hadar Lubin, MD
Linda Berger, PsyD
Clinical Director

 David Read Johnson, Ph.D. (Yale University, 1980) is a licensed clinical psychologist in Connecticut and is an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine.  He has written extensively on the treatment of PTSD.

 Hadar Lubin, MD (Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 1988) is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and a licensed physician in CT.  She is an Asst. Clinical Professor in the Dept. of Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine.  She developed the Women’s Trauma Program and has written extensively on treatment of PTSD.

 Linda Berger, Psy.D (University of Hartford, 2004) is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Connecticut, and Clinical Director of the Center.  She specializes in the treatment of adults with PTSD and incorporates EMDR in her treatment of trauma


Agathe de Broucker, MA

Professional interests

include working with people impacted by

community violence and mass trauma and how vicarious trauma affects caregivers and

first responders.  

Alicia Stephen, MA

Professional interests

include anti-oppression work, creative arts therapy, queer centered 

psychotherapy  and working with people who have experienced sexual assaults, childhood abuse or gun violence.   

AnnaRose Squillante, MA

Professional interests include working with children and teens and passionate about trauma centered creative therapies including art, writing, music, photography, drama and movement.

Antonietta Delli Carpini 


Professional interests include working with dissociative identity disorder, trauma-centered group therapy and LGBTQI2+ Couples and Individuals. 

Cat Davis, MA, RDT-BCT

Professional interests include acute stress, PTSD, children and adolescents, families, LGBTQIA+, childhood trauma, intimate partner violence, and collective trauma.

Chelsea Morales, PsyD

Professional interests include working with minorities and underserved populations. Enjoys working with adolescents and adults of all ages.  

Christine Castles RN, MHP

Professional interests include community mental health including violence prevention, children's mental health and mental health policy.   

Erinn Webb, MA, RDT

Professional interests include children or adults who have experienced sexual, physical or emotional harm, loss, infertility and LGBTQQIA2++ individuals.  

Kat Lee,  MA, CCLS, RDT

Professional interests include grief and bereavement, illness/medical trauma. LGBTQQIA++, and early childhood and attachment.

Noa Emanuel, MA

Professional interests include grief and loss, early childhood trauma and its effects on adulthood, the mind and body connection and trauma Informed creative arts therapy.

Stephanie Kilpatrick, PsyD

Professional Interests include EMDR, Trauma Centered Psychotherapy,

Psychedelic & Psychodynamic Existential Approaches for PTSD, Depression & Anxiety and Mood Disorders

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