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Individual Sessions

Individual psychotherapy at the center is a warm yet direct approach. Our therapists are immediately engaged and invested in helping our clients find relief. We do not avoid talking about traumatic experiences because we know these events cause pain and suffering. We support clients to live full and connected lives in the present while overcoming the strong forces of traumatic pasts.

Group Sessions

Groups for women, men, adolescents, and emerging adults are offered, meeting weekly and focusing on current life issues and how they are impacted by past traumatic experiences. The meetings are currently online as we are practicing social distancing. So you can participate from the comfort of your homes.

Rapid Desensitization Methods

We offer Eye Movement Rapid Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), the Counting Method, and other brief exposure treatments for clients who require rapid relief from traumatic memories. These methods address the traumatic events immediatley which is helpful for clients

Forensic Evaluations 

 We provide expert assessment of posttraumatic stress disorder and related conditions resulting from injurious events, for either plaintiffs or defendants, conducted from an independent, evidence-based perspective.

Family Sessions

We use a trauma-focused, Family Based Model, called the Open Conversation Model. We alternate between meeting with the family as a whole and then break out for each family member to work with their own therapist within the same full hour session. This is especially helpful for each family member to feel supported and invested in the healing process of the whole family. 

Medication Management

Expert evaluation and management of medications is available for adolescents and adults. These evaluations and medications are always administered using our trauma-centered approach.  

Drama Therapy and Creative Arts Therapy 

We understand that trauma has impact on the body and mind. Using drama therapy, art therapy and movement therapy, clients can experience relief and reduction in symptoms because these holistic healing methods create integration for both the body and mind. These methods of treatment is available for both adults and children.

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